Solutions and Applications Developed

TWCC C2 Software

Developed in collaboration with Niyantra Tech Pvt Ltd, we have deployed this for field Demonstration to IAF in April 2018.  This C2 System optimises TWCC (can also be developed for Air Space Management and Analysis) functioning through highly customised tools, i.e., Missile Engagement model, Aided Engagement solutions, Real Time and Analysis modes, Automated Debrief Modes and others.




We have proposed (to Air HQs) development of a customised ENORBATICS (Enemy Electronic Orbat & Tactics). This is a Post Mission Analysis Tool that derives Enemy Electronic Warfare orbat and Threat database through fusion of information of Radar tracks, GPS downloads of the Aircraft, RWR (ESM), ASPJ download data, Individual RWR, ASPJ capabilities (e.g. Lobe Pattern, Sensitivity and others), Terrain Models for determining Radar Visibility Models, Atmospheric Attenuation Models and others.



Future Projects

We are now working on providing Modelling and Simulation solutions, and, Mission Planning Systems for EW related Projects, i.e., EW Analysis Tool for IAF, Modelling and Simulation Solutions for Digital RWR & ASPJ, ARM Project and EW scenario Generation for Radar Design.